What Does It Take To Improve Performance? 

"I think we need training."


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The Trainer As Facilitator

Do you ever have an idea, but your not sure it will work the way you envision it? Then you execute the idea...and it exceeds your expectations? 

That's exactly what happened last week when I launched The Trainer As Facilitator: Beyond The Fundamentals for the Sacramento Chapter of the Association of Talent Development. As we closed class one participant described it as "transformational." It doesn't get much better than that. 

Learners bravely stood in front of their peers to faciltate a portion of class. They didn't get long to prepare and the directions sometimes left them searching their existing skills for support. They explored 24 learning principles, myths and facts about brainstorming, methods to engage learners, and how to deal with difficult situations. 

I'm so proud of the work they accomplished. 

And by popular class request, a groupie was taken!  

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How Do You Engage Learners?

They have a million things on their desks calling their names.

They've already taken the class four times, but have to be there anyway.

They don't believe they need anything you have to share.

Training isn't for them. They know it all.

Sound familiar? Are these situations you find yourself in as a learner or dealing with as a trainer?

What are your favorite techniques to engage your learners from the moment they walk in your room or log into your class? How do you keep them there so they can get the most from your content and apply the learning back on the job?

Here are helpful resources that I use to up engagement.

52 Presentation & Application Methods Doc 

Achieving Breakthrough Classroom Engagement Powerpoint

If you are stopping by from the ASTD conference let me know in the comments below!

I'd love to hear your perspective.


The Lizard Brain

When I discuss Emotional Intelligence in Supervisory classes, the amygdala always comes up!

Is your lizard brain getting in your way?


Victim of Your Job?

A quick exercise to address the question raised in my job satisfaction post